We released the bingo game app “BINGOOL”

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Rooking Inc has released the bingo game app BINGOOL for iOS,Andorid.


Includes a level with up to 750 digits, for players who want a more complex game.

A popular party game transformed into a simple, easy-to-use App. There is no need to prepare your own bingo cards. There are 3 Levels to choose from, depending on the level of difficulty and the number of players.
The perfect game to play with your family and friends at a party.

[What is BINGOOL]

BINGOOL is an abbreviation of BINGO + OL (Open Loop). By preparing three levels, it is meant that you can “always play in bingo”, that is, have a good time.

[Major Features]

  • -Includes a Bingo Machine feature that allows users to start a game of Bingo in an instant.
  • -3 Levels to choose from depending on the number of players.
  • -A minimal, easy to navigate display.
  • -The screen will change when players get to REACH and BINGO.

[Average length of game]

Level 505-15 Minutes
Level 7510-20 Minutes
Level 7501 Hour ~ 1 Hour 30 Minutes

【Rooking Inc – Company Profile】

Location: 3F Nakameguro TD Building, Nakameguro 2-8-22, Meguro, Tokyo.
Representative: Yudai Suzuki CEO
Established: 8th August, 2012.
System Engineering, Website Production, AI/IoT Design・Development, iOS/Android App Development, Server Support.
  • Rooking Inc Corporate Site
  • https://www.rooking.co.jp/
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