We released the AR app “AR-WAVE”

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We are pleased to announce that we have released an AR application (iOS / Android) jointly developed by Rooking Inc and LGC-Lab.

■ Features of AR-WAVE

Make the new world visible in AR, do you want see what you have not seen yet?


AR-WAVE can check the signal strength of the usual WI-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE of each carrier and display it on AR. A better environment for home security, home speakers, routers and other network devices. You can visualize the radio waves of IoT devices that send BLE with AR function and check the intensity with color.

[How to use]

When measuring Wi-Fi, connect to the Wi-Fi network you want to measure. After connection, the SSID is displayed in the Wi-Fi area.
To measure BlueTooth, tap the button and select from the device list.
Use the network of each carrier connected when measuring LTE.
On the AR screen, allow the camera, and tap ▷ at the bottom right to start measurement.

[How to distinguish intensity by color]

– Green is the strongest radio wave. -Yellow: Medium signal strength. -Orange has weak radio wave strength. -In red, the signal strength is cut off. Spheres are plotted every second.

– Wi-Fi is one of the wireless LAN standards approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance. It is a common name for Internet connection service using wireless LAN.

-What is Bluetooth? Bluetooth is one of the short-range wireless communication standards for digital devices. It consists of Bluetooth Basic Rate / Enhanced Date Rate (BR / EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE).

– Long Term Evolution (LTE), or LTE for short, is a standard for cellular communication.

Cautions This application is an application that receives radio wave intensity and displays it with AR. The strength of the radio waves that can be received may differ due to the accessories of the terminal you are using or the deterioration state. Depending on the state of the Bluetooth sender, differences may occur in the sense or strength.

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